If you print this out and come to Nacho Mama's with all the right answers circled, maybe Scunny will give you a free beer - or maybe he won't because we didn't ask him and it is his place.  But it won't hurt to try.

1.  Which of the following Beatles songs did Elvis record?
"Hard Days Night" and "Seventeen" 
"Hey Jude" and "Yesterday" 
"Norwegian Wood" and "I Saw Her Standing There"

2. True or False, Elvis never met the Beatles

3.  Who played Elvis' double in his movies from 1960-68?
Leon Russell 
Leon Spinks 
Lance Le Gault

4. What was Elvis' favorite brand of bacon?
Farmer John
King Cotton

5. Name the award that Elvis received from the March of Dimes on April 28, 1956.
King of Hearts
Humanitarian of the Year
Man of the Year

6. True or False, Elvis never recorded a B.B. King Song.

7. Which of the following was not an Elvis jumpsuit?
White Prehistoric Bird
Inca Gold Leaf
Air Force One

8. Elvis first met Memphis Mafia member Marty Lacker at:
Humes High School
Fort Dix, new Jersey  
Radio Recorders in Hollywood

9.  The International Hotel in Las Vegas, where Elvis headlined beginning in 1969, was bought in 1971 by:
Donald Trump  Barron Hilton  Merv Griffin

10.  Name the New York Hotel where Elvis stayed for his TV appearances in 1956.
The Plaza 
The Hilton
The Warwick