First come, first served-guaranteed same day service


No please, no thank you, no food


No one to sit in Jimís chair between 4p & 6p


Report any Elvis Sightings to server


Selected members of the staff available for private parties


No drinking or loudness on streets


Please no stealing bottled sauces


Don't feed kitchen staff


Please accommodate Scunny, please laugh at his jokes


Please no pepper playing-no touching the Barbie cage


Natty Boh will not be served in a glass


Parties can be subject to 18% gratuity


Donít drink & drive


Please no pipe or cigar smoking-no dancing on tables


Our food is spicy, please check with your server...we donít want to eat your food because you canít

          Please buy Irv a beer        

All house rules are enforced by night manager Steve


We love New York. Itís the Yankees we hate!


Be nice or leave


Thanks for hangin out!


Scunny would like to dedicate this menu to Tom Sterling, the quiet man.